Today was a dismal day full of disappointment.

I got home from work at a normal hour, but had a very busy day.  Not a bad day, but an action packed day.  I left and told my husband I was on my way home and what was for dinner, thinking he would take the initiative and make it.  I was wrong.  I found him napping upon my arrival.

When I got home I made my family dinner, which they all ate, and just wanted to take a bath, alone, with my phone.  So I tell my husband my work here is done and peace out to the bathroom.

I have a stash of bathbombs.  I have a special super secret stash of LUSH bathbombs.  What’s so special about these bombs? Well, I’m not sure outside of they’re super pretty and super expensive.   Well today was a LUSH bathbomb kind of day.  So I fill up the tub super hot. Put on some of my favorite jam music.  Reach into my super secret stash, and grab a bomb I was really excited about.

The bomb was an ectoplasm jelly bomb.  The bomb is described on their website as a soak from the other side! IT’S PURPLE AND GREEN. Everything is adding up for this to be my jam.

Le Sigh.  Let the disappointment begin.

The bomb came crumbled in the package.  I didn’t think anything of it.  The contents of the bomb are all going to end up in the tub just the same.  No big deal, right?


I dump the contents in the tub.  Super excited… and immediately disappointed.  Half the stuff is dissolving, the other half is in clumps.  What in the natural hell.  So I get in and start to break the stuff up by hand.  Which isn’t breaking up.  So I run my jets in the tub.  Which isn’t helping.  So whatever I still have my music and whatever contents of the tub so I’m gonna sit in this tub for my allotted time.

Until I noticed that the jelly stuff was sticking to me, having to be scrubbed off, and then causing a rash.  FANTASTIC.  I have sensitive skin, but have never had a reaction to LUSH before.  So I drain the tub and start the shower.  These slime balls are everywhere, not dissolving and washing off of my skin or going down the drain.  SO NOW I HAVE TO SCOOP THIS SHIT OUT OF THE TUB, INTO THE GARBAGE.

This went from ok to bad to worse to garbage fire.  So I’m out of the shower inspecting for goo.  I wash my face and put on a face mask.  BECAUSE THIS CAN’T GET ANY WORSE. My GLAMGLOW anti gravity Power Rangers Goldar mask will get things right, but the packaging it came in is defective.  I had to fight my mask out.

Whatever the mask is on.  It’s time for This is Us.  I get my favorite jam jams on and climb in bed.  My husband brings the kids in, which is fine, and then let’s them watch a tutorial for their Yo Kai Watch game.

This is a fresh level of hell tonight.

I grab the back of my neck in frustration only to find a rogue piece of jelly.

I finally screamed.  Tuesday has won.