Welcome back, friends! So in the last post you joined us on a continuation into the world of Jane.  Hoarder extraordinaire.  Loser of items.

She had just told the library she lost the game she rented.  She handed over her money, in $2 bills to boot to me, and waived goodbye to the place she had come to love.

Well after this 7 year old’s ultimate walk of shame I found the missing game! After library hours, of course, and a solid week of hunting.

So Wednesdays are jammed pack as it is and now my poor dad has to make an extra trip to the library to try to get them to take this game back.  So he piles the kids in the car before William’s speech therapy.  I’m praying that they haven’t ordered the game yet.  I like that she has a fat stack of $2 bills and they aren’t exactly easy to come by.  I wanna put those back in her piggy bank, where they belong.

So he goes in and gives back the game.  WITH NO ISSUE OR QUESTION.  They just add it back into their stock and credit our account the fees.  They didn’t even charge us the late fee.  Shock and awe, with a side of gratitude.

We’re walking away now and counting our blessings.  No fees, we’re even.  We will return to our beloved library again.  When we can be a little bit more responsible with our rentals.