Jane loves her Nintendo 3DS.  I grew up on Nintendo so I’ve never had a problem with her playing video games.  I also love reading so we started using our local library more.

We have the best library.  So many books.  They also have cute self check outs that even the kids can operate.  The library is my favorite weekly trip.  Jane even found that she can rent games for the DS from the library.  How great!

As you all should know by now if I’m writing about it here it was in fact not great.

The late charges for these games are expensive, a dollar a day, and even more expensive to replace, at $44 a game for Nintendo 3DS.

I always told the kids that they were responsible for the games if they were lost.  They would have to walk their butt to their piggy bank and pay that $45 fine.  I always thought Will, 4, would lose a game, but alas, it was Jane.

The even crummier part of this entire saga is that it’s a game SHE ALREADY HAS!  She rents the same game, THAT SHE ALREADY HAS, every other week.  The library version is apparently further along in game play.  I realized it was due 12/26. How great, the day after Christmas.  I should have been on top of this, but Christmas.

So we tear about the house for a week looking for this game.  I call today to ask about the fine and if I can just replace it myself.  $39 for the game $5 to relabel and code, no I can not buy it myself.

Fine, this game is with the wrapping paper in the dump by now.  Goodbye library, we loved you so.

So Jane pays me in 21 $2 bills and 2 singles.  In the search my dad had helped Jane and put her games back in their original cases.  We are missing 5 games out of who knows how many.  So I decide to take a look through all of her purses, backpacks, jewelry boxes, and whatever one last time.

If you have read with us for a minute you know Jane can be a hoarder.  Pizza is her specialty.

So after I check everything, while on the phone with a friend who knows us all too well so he knows this game is gone, and I FIND THE GAME.  Right on her dress sitting in her kids nativity scene next to her jewelry box.

I found it at 8:59PM.  The library closes at 9PM.

To be continued…