I imagine that as of November 1st the kids started practicing for their Christmas recital at school.  Jane would hum a few Christmas songs when she got home from school, but during Monday’s cleaning I found her guitar.

The guitar is an Elena plastic guitar from the Disney store.  I thought about donating it, but I haven’t seen her use it much so we kept it. Mistake.

Jane now gets home and plays that guitar while scream singing Feliz Navidad.  I can’t be mad.  She’s really excited to practice and she’s doing ok with the words.  Her favorite part is from the bottom of my heart and she reallly lets go on that part.

Baxter, our18/19 year old Blue and Gold Macaw, on the other hand is not pleased.  He keeps saying under his breath.  Tell him to stop.  She finally took a break to plan Nintendo and now Baxter is getting some rest.

Funny that he is the one put out by some seemingly obnoxious noise this time around.