This is a wonderful time of the year.  The time of the year where the working parents and grandparents guilt manifest into toys that no one has any room for.  So the first or second week I take a week vacation off of work for:


During this time I make a list and dedicate a day (or two) to a room.  Garbage bags get designated for goodwill or just the flat out trash.

Why don’t you just donate everything?

Because my kids hoard trash in their room and are gross.  My daughter has trash, literal trash, hidden in her room.  Candy wrappers from her smuggling days.  She hides wrappers behind her head board and in her drawers.  That’s where her fun stops.  Since the great pizza bust, see the blog a few months back, we haven’t found anything interesting in her room.  The hiding of blow pops and pizza ended a good thing she had going.

My son.  My youngest.  Has an angst about socks.  For his entire life he has revolted about socks.  As soon as he could move he hid them.  He would drop them off of the balcony behind the couch.  I busted him though and the missing sock mystery was over.  He grew though, and so did his sock hiding game.

During the purge I go through all of the toy boxes and the bins that keep all of the little pieces neatly organized.  In dumping these to reorganize them I find all of the missing socks.  Hidden in each different tub.

The purge proves effective.  I get the garbage/unused toys out and I also find out about the underbelly of my seemingly adorable children.  Happy November, everyone.

May your purges be successful and your findings be ordinary.