For William’s 4th birthday my dad bought him an awesome tent.  Huge.  When we set it up in his room it took up a quarter of his room.  He insisted we rearrange bookshelves, toy boxes, and everything to accommodate this tent. A day’s work, but whatever, birthday boy was happy.

Three weeks later we have a new conversation.

W: Mom, why did you put the tent in my room? I wanted it in the basement.

To Myself: Seriously? You watched us set it up and helped me move stuff. I asked you if you would rather it in the basement and you insisted on your room.  You…

M: I thought you were excited to have it in your room?

W: No, I want it in the basement.

Sigh.  Fine.  Whatever.  Another item added to the list.

Jane had a special day home from school for a dentist appointment yesterday.  Before the appointment I started rearranging the basement to accommodate the tent.  Jane saw me AND WANTED TO HELP!  So we divide and conquer.  She even says doesn’t it feel nice to take care of our house! We were quite proud of our work.  She washed her table and chairs.  Such a proud mom moment.

So we go to pick up William from school and tell him that we have a huge surprise for waiting at home.  Huge.  Jane and I can barely contain ourselves.  So we rush home, after our weekly trip to the library, and Jane and I are bursting.  We rush into the basements grinning like fools waiting for William to come down and thank us for making his wish a reality.

He comes down with his newly rented book and can barely notice the difference.  He mutters a thanks then goes to his room.

Jane and I are left with our jaws on the ground.  Crushed.

J: He didn’t even care.  We worked so hard.

To myself: Yea, that’s a feeling you should get used to.

Yea, it’s ok.  We know we did good.  Thanks for helping me.