Our daughter has a hidey place.  It’s her top middle dresser drawer.  Well, it was, until her father found her first stash.  Over 30 blow pops that she had secretly smuggled and hidden in her hidey place.  She got wise and moved her hidey place.

My husband and I were out to dinner when I got a call from the babysitter, my 23 year old niece.  Now the fact that my 23 year old niece was calling was something alarming in and of itself.  Texting.  So I answer.

P Whispers: I think someone’s in the house.

Are you sure? Aren’t all the doors locked? Do you hear anything?

P: No, but there was half a pizza left and I went to grab a slice.  It’s gone.

Jane took it.

P: No she’s sound asleep and I would have heard her.

I promise it was her, but I’ll be home in 10 minutes to show you.

So I get home and we sneak into her room.  Open the middle drawer, nothing.  Shit.  What happened to this pizza.  We check the house.  I theorize that maybe she just ate half a pizza? Growth spurt? P goes home, legit spooked over a missing half pizza.

The next day I asked my daughter about this alleged pizza.  She denied any doings with said pizza.  Fine, forever the story of the missing pizza.  I open her middle side drawer in her dresser to put away her games and there’s the infamous pizza.

Well played, drawer pizza.